Setup the email account in the iPhone (att,frontier,Thunderbird,BellSouth)

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Comcast email login

Configuring different accounts on the iPhone provides you with ‘n’ number of benefits. So if you want to set up accounts on the iPhone, you need to follow the steps mentioned below


- Select settings

- Go to ‘mail.’

- Select the ‘Add account’ option

- Choose ‘Yahoo’ as the email service provider

- Enter your email address and password

Frontier |||  Frontier email login

For Frontier email setup on iPhone, follow the steps:

- Open ‘settings.’

- Go to account and password option

- Choose Add account

- Select Yahoo as the email service provider

- Enter your login details


- Install and create an account on Funambol

- Go to resources

- Open Thunderbird on computer

- Go to ‘Funambol sync client’ and click on ‘sync all.’

- Click on sync after opening the application on iPhone and your work is done


- Go to settings and select ‘Add a mail account.’

- Type your login details

- In the incoming server, type

- Type in the outgoing mail server

- Enter your email ID and password

If you carefully follow the steps mentioned below, you can easily configure your accounts on the iPhone. If you face any trouble, contact customer care of the particular email service. Get in touch with us for help related to various email and account related issue like Setup the account on the iPhone (att,frontier,Thunderbird,BellSouth) our team will help you out from this glitches.

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