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594 Netributor Inclusive Typeface Combines Braille and Visual Letterforms [ In 2017, an inexpensive printer that could print Braille was introduced to the world, and a digital typeface that's intended for visually impaired people also hit the market. Soon, a tactile reading system will boot up a Kickstarter campaign. But the biggest advance of all in this regard may be a universal typeface that mixes Braille with Japanese and English characters, thereby appealing to both visually impaired and sighted people at the same time. Called Braille Neue and designed by Kosuke Takahashi, the typeface could be a boon to signage makers, since their products would have to adjust only a bit in order to incorporate it. That's especially helpful, since Braille isn't often used in public areas, likely since conventional wisdom dictates that the Braille characters would take up extra space. Braille Neue features raised dots placed directly over the letterforms, not beside them; some spacing adjustments between letters is needed, but that's reportedly not such a big deal. ] - https://tinyurl.com/y7f68wbk
05:01 AM
4 days ago
594 Netributor Floating Home Features Eco-Friendly Design [Waterfront property can be extremely expensive. The land itself sells for a premium. But a new eco-friendly solution can give homeowners a house without the land, resting atop the water. Known as the EcoFloLife WaterNest, the homes are approximately 328 square feet and made almost entirely from recyclable materials. But eco-friendliness is only part of the WaterNest’s appeal. Since these homes rest atop water, they feature waterfront views and natural lighting, thanks to built-in skylights. Additionally, the homes utilize natural energy sources due to photovoltaic panels that are built into the roof of the building. The panels are able to provide as much as four kWp of electricity to the home. Each WaterNest includes a bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom, offering comfortable living for one to two people. But the WaterNest doesn’t just work as a house. It can also be built for office space or a restaurant, lounge, shop, or exhibition space.] - https://tinyurl.com/yaeq6krs
07:04 PM
5 days ago
594 Netributor New Water Bottle Self Destructs After Drinking [Discarded plastic bottles are a serious risk to the environment, with the World Economic Forum reporting that by 2050, the Earth’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish. But a new invention from a product design student in Iceland offers an innovative solution. AriJónsson’s revolutionary water bottle actually decomposes once it’s been tossed in the trash. While water is still inside, the bottle holds its shape. However, as soon as its contents are empty, the bottle begins to decompose. The technology works because the bottle is made from a mixture of algae and water, which relies heavily on water inside in order to retain its shape. One negative of the new bottle type is that the water can take on a salty taste if it’s allowed to rest inside the bottle for a while. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the bottle itself is edible, with the taste being compared to seaweed-flavored Jello.] - http://tiny.cc/i4yvsy
01:40 AM
1 week ago
594 Netributor FAA Can’t Explain Why Two Different Pilots Spotted Same UFO [ Cue up theme music from your favorite outer-space TV show. The recent sightings took place about 40,000 feet over southern Arizona. Which isn't too terribly far from Roswell, New Mexico, site of other supposed UFO sightings stretching back decades. (Extraterrestrial visitors strangely have a thing for desert landscapes.) According to released FAA recordings related to the incidents, a pilot flying a Learjet toward California said, "Was anybody above us that passed us like 30 seconds ago?" In reply, an air traffic controller at the FAA's Albuquerque Air Traffic Center in New Mexico said, "Negative." The pilot answered, "OK, something did." It didn't take more than a handful of minutes for an American Airlines Airbus pilot to report picking up on the same occurrence at about the same altitude over the Sonoran Desert. When the pilot spotted the object, he radioed, "I don't know what it was, but it was at least two-three thousand feet above us. Yeah, it passed right over the top of us." Stories of alien invasions have started with less tangible information than that. Even the FAA seems to indicate that the double-sighting is unusual.] - https://tinyurl.com/y8lbd8cq
Apr 19
594 Netributor Thinking Outside the 'Fridge' [ While necessary to preserve food and beverages, refrigeration requires a steady stream of electricity to maintain a constant temperature. And that power supply, in turn, stresses the environment. It only makes sense, then, to seek out alternative forms of keeping edibles cool without hiking the temperature of the planet. Here are a few, courtesy of New Atlas: Look In Below: Before the advent of modern refrigeration, people stored food beneath the surface of the ground. Residents of Northern Canada, for instance, constructed storage areas beneath the permafrost. Some were the size of modest dwellings. Permafrost levels are going deeper into the ground, thanks to global warming. In turn, people have adapted the original model.] - http://tiny.cc/89krsy
Apr 17
594 Netributor France to Host World’s Largest Single-Domed Greenhouse [ How large? The project, named Tropicalia and planned for Northern France, is expected to cover 215,278 sq ft (20,000 sq m), or almost five aces in total. Instead of glass, the project will use an air-filled plastic substance that's been used in projects such as the United Kingdom's Eden Project and the National Aquatic Center in Beijing. The structure will allow for a natural greenhouse effect that will maintain a steady interior temperature of 82.4° F (28° C). However, it is expected that some kind of ventilation will be needed to prevent overheating; it's possible that excess heat could be transmitted to the area near the dome or even stored. According to a report from New Atlas, the dome's interior will feature animals native to tropical regions, such as fish, turtles, hummingbirds, caimans, and butterflies, as well as abundant green plant life, including exotic flowers. Visitors can navigate a 0.62 mile (1 km)-long footpath through a meticulously landscaped area dotted with pools, bridges, aquarian basins, and waterfalls. The dome will also include a place for scientists, guesthouses, veterinary clinic, restaurant, and hotel.] - http://tiny.cc/dgcpsy
Apr 15
594 Netributor AI Tech Allows Self-Driving Cars to Sense Your Feelings [ Experiments involving self-driving cars have highlighted sensor and mapping technologies that evaluate what's going on outside the car. This involves the use of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging, which uses laser pulses) and GPS navigation systems. When it comes to keeping track of what's happening inside the car, industry players are exploring technology that can monitor the preferences and moods of passengers, making it possible to adjust the car's operation to better suit the occupants' feelings. Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, a Boston-based startup working in this area, recently told Xconomy, “All of our technologies and our devices are becoming conversational and perceptual—even our car." Since 2009, her company, an offshoot of the MIT media Lab, has taken advantage of $26 million in funding to venture into technologies that can pick up on people's emotions. At first, the company focused on vision-based devices, such as optical sensors and webcams, that evaluated non-verbal signals as well as facial expressions. More recently, the company has embraced voice analysis software to "read" emotions as expressed in speech] - http://tiny.cc/2qhnsy
Apr 13
2 weeks ago
594 Netributor Drones Could Offer the Help Agriculture Needs [Drones have become popular with hobbyists interested in capturing flyover video of local attractions. But the advanced tech gadgets have proven useful in a variety of industries, especially agriculture. Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles, drones can cover a large distance quickly while also taking up very little airspace. At the same time, demands on the agricultural field will only continue to grow as the world’s population increases. Experts anticipate that by the year 2050, consumption of agricultural products will grow by as much as 70 percent, challenging farmers and manufacturers to keep up. Crop spraying and irrigation are two of the most obvious uses for drones, since sprayers could easily be attached. But drones go beyond merely spraying. They can fan out over a large area to check the status of crops, as well as determine where water needs to be applied. With the use of drones, farmers may be able to detect signs of infection long before it becomes a problem, helping reduce loss.] - https://tinyurl.com/yalm8ayr
Apr 11
594 Netributor New Horseshoe Eliminates the Need for Nails [A horse’s hooves can suffer damage, especially if they haven’t been toughened up by walking long distances every day. To remedy this, caretakers have traditionally used horseshoes. Unfortunately, these shoes are attached by hammering a nail directly into the horse’s hoof. A new Kickstarter campaign reveals a more humane way to keep a horse safe. Megasus Horserunners clip onto the horse’s hoof using the company’s patented Mega-Lock Fastener. Not only does the experience eliminate the nail, it is more comfortable for the horse, since it is designed to absorb shock and mimic the animal’s natural movements. The company exceeded its funding goal, but shipping was delayed from the original December 2016 estimate. In a recent newsletter, Megasus assured backers that the horseshoes were in production and estimated that the first group of shipments would go out at the end of March] - https://tinyurl.com/ybvu2e38
Apr 09
594 Netributor Morsel Spork Is Champion Camping Utensil [ It might not boast every feature of the most tricked-out Swiss Army Knife, but the Morsel Spork may well be the coolest camping utensil to come along in quite a while. Or, as one user testified on the Morsel Spork Kickstarter page, "[T]hat's the best spork I've ever seen." The makers describe their device the way: "Morsel is part spoon, part fork, part spatula, resulting in the world's first... Sporkatula? Foonula? We couldn't decide, so we decided to call it Morsel." The goal, they add, was to come up with a utensil that could better perform where other camping utensils and conventional sporks had come up short. The Morsel features a full-sized fork at one end, with a strong, slightly serrated outside edge to take on tougher scraping chores. The long handle allows for either end of the spork to be used without feeling like both are begging for space inside the user's hand. The opposite end of the device features a rubber-edged, squishier surface with a depression. This can serve as a spot, a spatula, or a"digging" tool that allows for scrounging at the corners of a bowl, can, or other container where food items have a tendency to stubbornly bunch in corners] - http://tiny.cc/htjgsy
Apr 06

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