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Rain Trees, established here in Singapore in 1999, is an independent, international kindergarten, nursery & preschool that provides a fun, friendly and challenging environment for children in the age range of 2-6. Our parents and children are mainly from the international community in Singapore
Our aim to help each individual child enjoy learning in a safe and caring environment and as they progress through the school we prepare them for a seamless transition to an international school.
Rain Trees has always been been owned and managed by a combination of British and Singapore citizens. Over time we have modified the British based curriculum to meet the particular demands and needs of the international expatriate community in the Asia Pacific region. In addition to offering a modern topic based curriculum Raintrees is noted for its small and family orientated environment which many parents prefer to be their child’s first school experience.
At Rain Trees, the emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate independence, discovery and social interaction. Children are encouraged to help themselves and take initiative in order to develop self-esteem, social competence and become increasingly independent.
The learning and development of the children is not restricted to the internal setting of the classroom but extends to our large and safe outdoor play area. We view the external environment as another classroom. This allows the children to explore their surroundings and exercise their imagination.
All of the staff & management are committed to continual development of the kindergarten– both in terms of constantly reviewing the curriculum and investing in the school education resources & physical infrastructure so that we can provide the best education environment for the children.
Rain Trees is one of only 14 Foreign System Schools in Singapore and is regulated by the Ministry of Education (MOE). list of foreign System Schools
Why “Rain Trees”?
Originally called Lock Road, and based in Lock Road, the school was recently renamed Rain Trees after its successful relocation to 60 Kheam Hock Road, just off Bukit Timah Road.
Rain trees with their large canopies, can be found all over Singapore and have been described by the botanical gardens as the “signature tree” of Singapore. The botanical gardens in Singapore, which is less than 1km from the school, has a heritage rain tree with a girth of 5m and more than 30m tall!
The name Rain Trees was chosen to reflect the school’s deep roots in Singapore and our goal of nurturing each child so they can grow to their full potential. We are also lucky that our current location has some splendid Rain trees (see the picture below).

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