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SEF Construction Pte Ltd originally known as Southeast Finework Pte Ltd, was incorporated as a company in April 1994. SEF Construction Pte Ltd 's core business is in the provision of construction and interior fitting-out works integrated with mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineering services.

SEF Interiors (S) Pte Ltd, a spin off of SEF Construction Pte Ltd, is a successful interior design and decoration company in its own right. Based in Singapore, SEF Interiors (S) Pte Ltd is a specialist in creating, designing and fabricating unique, distinctive, high quality spaces and interiors in line with the individual needs and demands of local and international clients. Through our dedication, efficiency, adaptability, resourcefulness and timeliness, SEF Interiors (S) Pte Ltd has constantly achieved clients' objectives and needs and delivered quality services and solutions that have exceeded their expectations.

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SEF Construction Pte Ltd

SEF Construction Pte Ltd

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