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What is the iBB Wallet and how can I use it

Date added:
Sunday, 08 November 2009
Last revised:
Wednesday, 03 April 2013
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The iBB Wallet is only for iBizBook registered members. It has four main sections:

Withdraw/Convert your collected iBB Credits for Cash to a PayPal Account

Redeem iBB Credits for Services

Transfer/Donate your iBB Credits

View your iBB Credits Activity History

Members can convert their iBB Credits into cash (through a PayPal account) or can redeem them for iBizBook services.  Members can also donate or transfer their iBB Credits.

iBB Wallet Overview


How can I withdraw/convert my iBB Credits for Funds?

iBizBook is very excited to have this feature available. You can get paid in actual funds transferred to your PayPal Account for your iBB Credits.

Once logged in, go to the Wallet page and see the Withdraw my iBB Credits section. Fill out the online form.


Funds will be transferred to your PayPal account in US Dollars. You must have a minimum of 1000 iBB Credits to complete the transaction.

How can I redeem my iBB Credits for services?

iBizBook provides design, copy writing and social media package services for your iBB Credits.  Business owners can redeem their iBB Credits for services that iBizBook provides such as design, content/account management, web development, SEO marketing, blogging etc.  Go to the Wallet page and see the Use my iBB Credits for Services section.  Complete the online form.


Upon redemption the business member will receive a quote for the service that has been chosen and if the member accepts the quote iBizBook will proceed promptly delivering the service ordered.

How can I transfer/ donate my iBB Credits?

As an iBizBook member you can transfer or donate iBB Credits to another community member.  Simply go to the Transfer/ Donate section on the Wallet page.  Enter the member’s iBB ID, name or registered email.  Enter the amount, transfer notes and click Submit.


Your iBB Credits balance will be reset to reflect your transfer/ donation.  Upon transfer or donation the members will receive an email notifying them that the iBB Credits transfer or donation is complete.

iBizBook is proud to announce to all of its members that they can take advantage of the iBB Credit Matching Program. If a member decides to donate his/her iBB Credits for a good cause or for members in need of charity then iBizBook will match the donation amount fully.  The member must mention the iBB Credit Matching Program in the Transfer Notes.

How can I review my iBB Credit History?

You can review the history of your iBB Credits on the Wallet page lower section.  

A member can view what activities have rewarded him/her the most iBB Credits and focus their efforts in the areas that appeal to them.




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