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What are advertised businesses and how can I advertise my business

Date added:
Sunday, 24 February 2013
Last revised:
Tuesday, 26 February 2013
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What are advertised businesses (aka advertisement business banners)?

An advertisement business banner can be purchased to boost the exposure of your business for a premium price per month, any month of the year, price per thousand of impressions or price per click. You can purchase an advertisement business banner regardless of whether your business is listed or not on iBizBook.com

Your advertisement business banner will appear in rotation in a randomized order at regular intervals with other advertisement business banners.
Advertisement business banners are different from Featured or Promoted business listings in that the advertisement business banners will appear not only within the Business section of iBizBook.com but across the website, regardless of whether your business is listed on iBizBook.com or not and regardless of various search results.

How will my advertisement appear?

The advertisement business banner areas on iBizBook.com accommodate our standard banner sizes and are placed on the left,right,top and bottom sections throughout the website.

We support a number of banner sizes to satisfy your advertisement needs:

Advertisement Sizes for business banners

Advertisement business banners will be designed by client and approved by iBizBook.com or designed by iBizBook.com designers.
Visitors can click on your advertisement business banner and will be taken directly to your advertisement.

How many times will my advertisement appear?

Our advertisement business banner slots are prominent boxes showing a single advertisement banner. Advertisement banners for a particular slot will be rotated at regular intervals. Each advertisement will receive equal prominence.

Advertisement business banners will begin showing on iBizBook.com from the date of purchase.

Contact Us Today to inquire about the latest offers of advertisement banners.


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