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What add-ons does iBizBook support

Date added:
Friday, 11 September 2009
Last revised:
Wednesday, 31 March 2010
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iBizBook currently supports a number of applications. Some of these applications are:

Navigate to Home->Add-Ons to view a full list.

- 'Wall' allows you and your friends to post to your wall.

- 'My Groups' displays a list of groups you have joined.

- 'My Latest Photos' displays your latest photo(s).

- 'My Latest Videos' displays your latest video(s).

- 'My twitter updates' shows your tweets from twitter.com (you must have a twitter account and configure this application with your twitter username and password).

- 'My Articles' displays a list of articles you have authored.

- 'My Friends Location' displays a google map with your friends' locations (your friends must have a valid location/address to show on the map)

- 'My Comments' displays a list of comments you have posted on iBizBook content such as articles, blogs, business etc.

- 'My Blog' displays your blogs.


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