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Is my profile same as my Business Listing(s)

Date added:
Saturday, 12 September 2009
Last revised:
Monday, 12 April 2010
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No. Although your profile and your business listings are tighlty integrated, they are not the same.

Business listings are always public to search and view. Think of it as one of the popular business directories open for everyone on internet to search.

As a member you can list many businesses you own whether they are small, medium or enterprise size businesses. A business listing enables you as a business owner to showcase your business, offer coupon downloads, get rated, reviewed and recommended, gather statistical data on your business listing hits and coupon download counts, and appear on business directory searches.

Your Profile is for iBizBook community members only (unless you have chosen to make it public in your Privacy settings). It enables you to engage within the community, reach out to consumers and market products and services.

NOTE: Coupon download, business listing rating, review and recommendation available to iBizBook registered members only.


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