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I just created an account. What is next

Date added:
Tuesday, 13 October 2009
Last revised:
Friday, 08 March 2013
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Welcome to iBizBook, you just created a Personal Profile.

In 3 easy steps you will be up and running in no time.

A personal profile is a great way for you to receive offers and coupons from business while voicing your opinion on Brands, Products and Services that you like or dislike. Remember your point of view matters to the iBizBook community.  With your reviews, rating and blogging of Brands, Products and Services you are not only generating iBB Credits that you will redeem for real world goods and services but you are in fact helping other people just like yourself who want to know your experiences with all the Brands, Products and Services out there.

Now more then ever iBizBook helps consumers become empowered.  By sharing your thoughts with the community you can start new trends. You can help businesses grow or improve their products or services. In the iBizBook community we encourage open and honest dialogue with businesses and we help you share your views with our great set of interactive tools.  Every activity and every level of participation you perform will generate iBB Credits.

Take control of your purchasing power and find the best deals on the web at iBizBook.com

Step 1) Getting Started

The first thing you should do is update your Personal Profile page. This is the page that everyone one will see when you grow your network.  Ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.

From the personal profile menu choose the My Profile tab

From this Tab you can:

Add a Profile Picture (Avatar)

Edit your Personal Profile

Edit Personal Profile Details

Change your Privacy Settings

While iBizBook allows you to post as many pictures as you like, the website only allows you one profile picture, so make it count. You may very well have some potential business or networking opportunities on the website, so be sure to portray yourself as accurately as possible. A clear, well-lit picture of you will help you to put your best foot forward, and remember your profile picture is accessible to everybody on iBizBook.com, even with the privacy settings active.

It’s important that you’re Personal Profile best represents who you are.  Only put information that you feel comfortable sharing with the community.

Step 2) Friends Friends, Businesses and more Friends

The next thing you want to do after you have updated your Personal Profile is begin to make friends. You may be surprised to find out that your friends are already on iBizBook so finding them is simple and making new friends is even easier.

From the personal profile menu choose the Friends tab

From this Tab you can:

View your current friends

Search for friends

Perform an Advanced search for friends

Invite friends (Remember you get twice as many iBB Credits for inviting friends)

View friend Request Sent

View friends that are Pending your Approval

For those of us who grew up in the pre-iBizBook era, it's sometimes tough to reach out to old friends and say (in a nice tone) "will you be my iBizBook friend"?  It's something we should all get over, because unlike other social media sites iBizBook values your time and rewards you and your friends for their participation. So in your invitation tell your friends that they are valued and get Perks with there iBizBook account.  If it happens that you stumble across somebody on the website whose profile is either personal or business that piques your interest, it is best to send that person an introductory message along with your friend request.

Something like "Hey I’m interested in learning about your business" or "Hi I’m new to the community" Whatever it is that you decide, say it in your voice be authentic and genuine and you will get the right response. Having a large network will help you find consumer savings opportunities and being friends will allow you talk directly to businesses.

Step 3) Free Add-Ons to add onto your Personal Profile.

The best way to get your point of view across on Brands, Products and Services is to install the free add ons for your profile. These quick and easy interactive apps will allow you to stay in touch and engage with other community members quickly and efficiently.

From the personal profile menu choose the Add-Ons tab

From this Tab you can:

View your current installed

Edit your
Add-On settings

Add and Remove

Browse Add-Ons

View Groups, Search Groups & Add Groups

View Photos & Search Photos

Create Albums & Upload Photos

View Videos, Search Videos and Add Videos

Add-Ons tab is the most feature rich area of the website.  At iBizBook we want to give you the best tools for you to communicate your thoughts and ideas to the community. iBizBook has apps for just about everyone, there are Maps to view your friend’s location there is Twitter integration so you can tweet within iBizbook and full comments, blogs, videos and image integration into your Personal Profile. Start by installing a couple of apps at a time and then once you are comfortable with them install more Add-Ons.


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