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Blk 512 Chai Chee Lane #04-03 Bedok Industrial Estate
Singapore, Singapore, 469028, Singapore

Phone:     97649694       |   Fax:     64480021
Contact:   Michelle
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

A symbol of sweetness, happiness and fertility, red dates are traditionally used in weddings in Asian culture. It was the perfect inspiration when it came to naming The Red Dates, a new wedding planning service from the same people who have brought you The Red Petals Florist. As no two couples are the same, neither should two weddings be. Hence the team at The Red Dates strives to provide a uniquely personalized wedding, specially planned and tailor-made for each couple.
As we all know, red dates (红枣) are often placed in the newlywed bedroom as a sign of fertility and it is also commonly used as the drink to serve during tea ceremony.
In the olden days the sweet smell of red dates is also said to make teenagers fall in love, as a result, in the Himalaya and Karakoram regions, men take a stem of the sweet-smelling red dates flower with them or put it on their hats to attract women.
If we looked at “red dates” in another way, it also means auspicious dates.  With all these good meanings, I’m sure we will add a bit of good luck to your wedding as well!
Jeff Goh, Certified Wedding Planner
Jeff has always been an active figure in his church, with his good relationships with people and his creative ideas, it is not surprising that many of his church friends approach him to help out for their weddings!
Michelle Poh, Certified Wedding Planner
With her experience in the hotel industry as a senior catering sales manager handing events and weddings, you can be sure of her organization and coordination skills as she has handled more than 500 weddings, solemnizations and corporate events during her 4 years in the hotel industry.
Michelle believes that no two weddings are the same and she strives to create a wedding that you can call your own.  Her passion in providing the best for her couples won many praises from them and with her cheery and bubbly character, you know your wedding will be a joyous process with her!

Media Gallery

Real Wedding: Rohit & Carol

The first time when I met Carol was a week before her wedding, and thus everything was decision making during that meeting. But she was a really easy going lady that all decisions were easily made on the spot. I still remember how her good friend describe her, "From a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the most easy going and 10 with being the most demanding, Carol will be -1", thats Carol for you. Although we were only given 3 weeks to help her source and coodinate some of her existing vendors, everything was a breeze as Carol left it to us to decide what was best for her.

More photos at Gallery/Real Weddings/Rohit & Carol

Flowers by The Red Petals Florist

AD Coordination by The Red Dates

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