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Ceylon Sports Club

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101 Balestier Road
Singapore, Singapore, 329678, Singapore

Phone:     6297 1009       |   Fax:     6299 9487
Non-Smoking Environment
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The Ceylon Sports Club (CSC) came into being in 1928, reconstituted from the Lanka Union founded by some Ceylonese students in 1920. The clubhouse was dynamited during World War II but was rebuilt after the war. Over the years, several renovations have been carried out and new services have been introduced to reach out to members.                    

The 1970s and 1980s witnessed several renovations to the clubhouse. In 1986/1987, a new tennis court was built and the entire clubhouse was renovated at a cost amounting to slightly less than $200,000. On 14 November 1987, a grand opening ceremony was held and S. Rajaratnam, then Senior Minister, Prime Minister's Office, was the guest of honour.

In the 1990s, the Club expanded its services to reach out to its members, especially its younger members, with a new children's playground, an Annual Scholarship Award and the Mentor Programme. It also introduced the CSC VISA Card and launched its own website (www.cscsingapore.org.sg). The aim of the website was to make the Club more accessible to members and all those who wanted to obtain information about the Club.

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