Central Florida Budokai Karate Do

Central Florida Budokai Karate Do

Posted by: Llerania Zarate
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2000 Falcon Trace Blvd, #142
Orlando, FL, 32837, USA

Phone:     407-745-4982  
Contact:   Llerania Zarate

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Business Description

Central Florida Budokai Karate Do is a highly rated Sports Karate Center in Orlando, FL and the surrounding areas, that has been educating students since 2000. As a year round Karate School we specialize in Martial Arts, Fitness Center, Self Defense and much more. We are committed to helping students learn new techniques, develop new skills, and open doors to a new future. Your child will not only learn the ABC's of self defense, but more importantly, the ABC's of life: Attitude, Behavior & Character. Grow your skill set with us and expand your mind at the same time. Call on Central Florida Budokai Karate Do in Orlando, FL today

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