Bazgym Gymnastics School

Bazgym Gymnastics School

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31 Ah Hood Road
Singapore, Singapore, 329979, Singapore

Phone:     6256 8191       |   Fax:     6256 2881
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

BazGym is an established school specializing in Gymnastics/Preschool Programs, Physiogym Classes and Gymnastics Equipments. It was founded by passionate ex-National gymnasts of Singapore and parents of gymnastics enthusiast. We have experienced the benefits of this sport and would like to introduce it to young children. Children who have gone through this sport tend to develop a lifetime desire for physical fitness and maintain a healthy and fulfilling life.

Our Beliefs

As the founding coach of BazGym Gymnastics School, my primary job and pledge to you, is to ensure that our mission to build positive, healthy kids is the basis in everything we do here.We believe that movement education is the foundation to all forms of physical activities and Gymnastics helps to develop the foundation of all sports.

Sng Puay Liang
Head Coach

Our Programmes

We have specially designed movement programs to cater for children of age 3-4 years old. This is the begining of the critical period in which they develop fundamental motor patterns. Children above 4 years who have acquired fundamental movement skills are encouraged to enroll into our fun-filled gymnastics programs to pursue their interest in this unique sport. Basic gymnastics has always been part of schools' Physical Education program. It is practiced worldwide to equip school children with basic gymnastics skills, which will provide the foundation for physical movement. Its related activities promote strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination and provide excellent grounding for learning many other sports.

Mini Bear (3-4 years)
Gym Bear (3-4 years)
Gym Bear (4-5 years)
Gym Bear (5-6 years)
Gym Boys/Gym Girls (6-8 years)
Gym Boys/Gym Girls (above 8 years)
Competitive (pls call to enquire)
Physio Gym (children with special needs)

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