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Pola Cosmetics (S) Pte Ltd

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2 Alexandra Rd #02-02
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Business Description

In 1929, a chemist Shinobu Suzuki formulated a cream for his wife, Michiyo. Her hands were very damaged and rough from manual labor to support her husband. Since the cream brought a phenomenal result, she had to share it with her neighbors. News of its exquisite quality spread throughout the town. Before long, the family began to sell his cream to friends and neighbors. This was the start of POLA.
Shinobu’s belief was to directly present the very best product made with the very best ingredients to customers, together with the service that is cater to each customer. This was and is the inspiration of POLAs tradition, the direct sales based on personal counseling, and this remains as the backbone of POLA.
Shinobu believed in the best services received from the highly qualified distributors are the key to selling our products. He learned the method to apply makeup by using his wife’s face and taught his sales persons, which he selected. The sales method, not only introduced products, but also provided tips to become more beautiful. This was revolutionary and attracted many customers. Shinobu also taught sales persons to sell trust, not the products
In the very beginning of POLA business, sales persons were all men. One day, one woman knocked on the door and asked if she could join the company as a sales person. POLA, of course, welcomed her and soon after she became a very successful POLA distributor.
Since then, POLA has provided to women, not only through the opportunity to blossom beauty, but also by providing an opportunity to work and earn money on their own.
POLA business is spread throughout the world.
Eight decades later, POLA, Inc., headquartered in Japan, is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, with annual sales of more than $1.8 billion. Tsuneshi Suzuki, the son of POLAs founder, has directed its phenomenal expansion when he inherited the presidency in 1954 and POLA successfully became the No. 1 direct selling cosmetic company in Japan.
Currently, POLA products are being sold on four continents, from Asia and Australia to America and Europe. They include a dozen complete lines of skin care products. An industry leader in Research and Development, the company employs 300 scientists and support personnel among its more than 1,000 employees in fifteen (15) countries. But the entire POLA family is much larger, encompassing more than 100,000 independent POLA beauty consultants, who dedicated to the tradition of personal attention that has been a trademark for generations.
*IFSCC: International Federation of Societie1s of Cosmetic Chemists
the most authorized international congress about cosmetic theories. Chemists of cosmetic industries and universities gather from all over the world and present their latest theory. It is called as Olympic of cosmetic theory. Pola Cosmetics have been in Singapore since 1974 and distributed by Pola Cosmetics (S) Pte. Ltd.
on December 1, 2017
This shop is too old and many people are know that the Pola cosmetics. Pola is also uploading your products in this site https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/rush-essay and many girls students are buy the products online.
on December 1, 2017

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