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Lucky Plaza

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304 Orchard Road #02-115
Singapore, Singaproe, 238863, Singapore

Phone:     6235 3294       |   Fax:     6734 4764
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Business Description

Lucky Plaza - 运商业中心, a 30-storey commercial/ residential mixed development situated along Orchard Road, Singapore’s premier shopping district was built by owner and developer, Far East Organization had proved to be one of the most successful shopping centres during its opening in 1978.  The success was due as much to the architect’s BEP Akitek Pte Ltd by adopting a concept of an open vertical ‘bazaar’.
With the installation of 2 sets of glass-walled lift or Observatory (Bubble) lift with air conditioning instead of fan has been the most unique feature of the mall.  Being the first of its kind ever introduced in the Republic, it attracts resident shoppers and tourists.
Served by 26 two-ways escalators, the shopping mall has had the most number of escalators of all shopping complexes throughout Malaysia and Singapore.  8 high-speed passenger lifts and numerous spacious staircases all located in key positions provide convenient access to all shopping floors.
The shopping mall comprises over 500 retail shops, medical centers and food & beverage establishments from the Basement to 6th storey, as well as 88 residential apartments from the 9th to 30th storey.  The covered car-park facilities are also accessible from the 4th to 8th storey.
Today’s Lucky Plaza, had undertaken a comprehensive face-lift of the seven-story podium that not only improve the image but also satisfied the energy conservation requirement of the shopping mall.

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