Freyja Canada Inc

Freyja Canada Inc

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877 Alness st
Toronto, ON, M3J2X4, Canada

Phone:     4166182191

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Business Description

Freyja Canada Inc. - a Canadian manufacturer that produces 100% natural Icelandic wool sweaters (Ladies and Men’s lines) and accessories such as hats, mittens and scarves that are made according to a Traditional Icelandic pattern and design. In the production of all of our lines, we use a 100% natural wool fabric that is designed and knitted in Iceland. All of our fabrics are certified as PURE NEW WOOL. Centuries-old traditions of Icelandic patterns and the use of unique quality of Icelandic wool make our product unique. From the feedback we have received, we are proud and confident that we produce high quality and unique merchandise. The prices we can offer in this category of goods are very competitive.

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Wow! We getting out with our new online store.

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