Rynamo Building Services Pte Ltd

Rynamo Building Services Pte Ltd

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51 Jalan Pemimpin #03-01 Mayfair Industrial Building
Singapore, Singapore, 577206, Singapore

Phone:     63430305       |   Fax:     62834695
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Established since 1997, Rynamo Building Services specializes in providing coating solutions and other construction related services.
Our team is experienced in a wide range of coating application. This includes Architectural Painting and Textured Coating, Epoxy Floor Coating, Intumescent (Fireproof) Coating, Concrete Protective Coating, Industrial Coating, Heavy Duty Coatings such as Vinyl Ester and Polyurea, as well as coatings for special functions such as Anti-Stick Coatings.
To better serve the needs of our clients, we have widened our range of services over the years to include Sealant Works, Grouting & Chemical Injection, Concrete Coring, Addition & Alteration Works etc

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