CoGri Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 

CoGri Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 

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#1 Fifth Avenue #04-04/05 Guthrie House
Singapore, Singaproe, 268802, Singapore

Phone:     3220 1552       |   Fax:     3214 1303
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

CoGri Asia are the most experienced Specialist Concrete Flooring Contractor operating in the region today. With a full range of Hi-Tech Equipment, and an experienced and qualified team of professionals, CoGri Asia are able to provide a full range of High Quality Concrete Flooring Services and Cost Effective solutions, from SuperFlat Floor Construction, Large Pour Floor Construction to Specialist Floor Upgrades.Design and Build Services

Superflat Floor Construction
Laser Screed ® Floors
Joint Free Construction by Laser Screed ®
Upgrading Narrow Aisle Floors by Laser Grinding
Wire Guidance Installation
Pump Screed Floors
Floor Joint Repairs
Coloured & Polished Concrete Floors

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