Best Buy Insurance Inc.

Best Buy Insurance Inc.

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15 Harwood Ave. S, #106
Ajax, Ontario, L1S 2B9, Canada

Phone:     (905) 683-3110       |   Fax:     (905) 428-8672
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Best Buy Insurance is a complete full service insurance brokerage providing both corporate and personal insurance solutions. We pride ourselves for having the highest standard of customer service and the widest range of insurance options. Best Buy Witty Insurance represents both domestic and international insurers offering the right coverage at the right price -- truly the “Best Buy” for your insurance dollar.
Whether a client needs commercial insurance or competitive home and auto insurance or innovative life or financial planning products, we can provide the highest standard of service and get you your “Best Buy”.
Our staff are constantly being trained on the latest products and industry changes to serve you better. We believe our role is far more than just sending out a bill for insurance.
Our list of local, national and international clients, both big and small, is truly impressive.
Best Buy Witty Insurance offers insurance and risk management consulting to a wide variety of industries including, but not limited to: Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Logistics, Professionals, Not-for-Profit/Charities, Realty, Contractors, Information Technology and many more! Whatever your insurance needs, whether simple or unique, we have a market and the expertise to serve you.
Whatever the need, we can help!

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