Alric Engineering Pte Ltd

Alric Engineering Pte Ltd

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22, Woodlands Link #03-15 Woodlands East Industrial Estate
Singapore, Singapore, 738734, Singapore

Phone:     68538822       |   Fax:     68538823
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Business Description

Headed out as a humble company in the year 2000, Alric Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated with its corporate mission by positioning itself as a timely and one-stop quality lighting/electrical solutions and service provider. Many direct clients and partners in both construction and renovation industries almost immediately acknowledged us as a reliable provider.

With the many business opportunities rendered by retaining clients, our main core of business is no longer limited to providing Mechanical & Electrical Engineering solutions and services. We extended our services to conceptual design, procurement, site execution and maintenance. Hence, Alric Interiors Pte Ltd was added to the corporate structure to meet the wider range of businesses.

Alric is able to assist our customers in the commercial, industrial and residential industries to create their unique character and develop optimized space layouts that allow efficiency for the customers. We are constantly researching and evaluating the clients' requirements to be competitive in the industry and to better fulfill clients' needs.

Our clever design perspective, strategic creative insight and in-depth marketing experience provides businesses with solutions that they need. Our formula is simple. We listen to our clients first; and provide our own creativity to produce the best creative solutions to fulfill every business needs. We strive to remain competitive in the industry when it comes to rendering our services and have a team of well trained staff to oversee the site execution and to ensure that quality work is done within the stipulated period.

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