June's Beauty School Pte. Ltd

June's Beauty School Pte. Ltd

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Singapore, Singapore, 079212, Singapore

Contact:   6337 0363
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

To deliver quality beauty care programs and equip socially responsible students to attain high standards of proficiency
Deliver quality refers to June’s Beauty School commitment to ensure top quality delivery of programs to students enrolled in the school

Beauty care programs refers to June’s Beauty School certificate and diploma as well as Internationally accredited programs that enable students to assimilate the essential knowledge in hair and beauty care

Equip socially responsible students refers to the intensive training and exposure to beauty industry standards to ensure that students who graduated from the institute will be equipped with the essential skills to deliver and communicate the services in order to raise the standards in the industry

Attain the high standard of proficiency is a commitment by the school that all our graduates shall attain high standards as required by the industry.

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