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Tanglin Shopping Centre #05-18, 19 Tanglin Road
Singapore, Singapore, 247909, Singapore

Phone:     6736 1636
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Business Description

KiZroo & MaMaroo(ex Birth & Beyond) was founded in 2000 by Anna Wong. Anna was a leader in the field of Childbirth Education in Singapore since 1985. She originally founded Home & Health which was responsible for changing the face of Childbirth Education in Singapore and for setting up classes in both East Shore Hospital and K K Hospital. In 1998 she took over Childbirth Education S Pte Ltd and changed the name to Birth & Beyond in 2000. So in effect Birth & Beyond started in 1985 under the name of Home & Health, became Childbirth Education in 1998 and Birth & Beyond in 2000. Since the year 2000 B & B has continued to grow in the services it offers under the leadership of 2 other owners. B & B has always been different in the quality and range of the services provided and in their desire to give individual personalized care and attention to their clients. Classes are small and informal, structured yet flexible enough to meet the individual needs of the group. All the staff are experienced and dedicated childbirth educators who are either midwives or trained nurses.

KiZroo & MaMaroo is a one stop centre which provides welcome and much needed support for mothers before and after birth. We aim to serve parents in one of lives most miraculous moments. We have a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who conduct a range of classes and services to help expectant and new parents to cope with the demands of Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Breastfeeding, Infant Care and Parenting.

As we have England and Japanese staff, classes and consultations in these languages can also be arranged. Please contact us for further details.

The Miracle of Birth, the culmination of 9 months of waiting, the start of a new life, the birth of a family. We believe the birth process is normal & healthy and a woman's confidence & ability to give birth is enhanced through knowledge. Our classes empower women to make informed choices for labor whilst emphasizing the need to remain flexible in their expectations of this miraculous yet unpredictable event.

Let our team of expert guide you through your journey from partners to parents.

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