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33 St-Andrews Garden
Toronto, Ontario, M4W 2C9, Canada

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Business Description

Design Therapy Inc was founded in 2003.The company's objective was to develop products that would allow customers to be proactive in maintaining their health and vitality.
It is exactly this objective that led to the development of the first envisage beauty enhancing facial exerciser.
The envisage facial exerciser is the brainchild of one of Canada's leading physiotherapists, Anita Lorelli. Research and clinical experience led Anita to find alternatives to the risks and pain of scalpels and needles that woman feel are their only anti-aging alternatives.
Anita has used resistance devices and exercises to treat difficult ailments in her physiotherapy patients for over two decades. In the clinic Anita founded in 1988, she was inspired to develop an all-natural product designed to fight aging. "I kept seeing women come in who had Botox and painful facial surgery and I thought there had to be a better way".
It is precisely this philosophy and her specialized expertise that led Anita to her pursuit of effective and proactive tools for people to use to maintain their youth and vitality, naturally. This gave way to the birth of the first facial exerciser that was released in 2003. Anita sold approximately 3500 of the first version of the envisage product. The customer feedback was stellar. It was apparent that Anita had tapped an unmet need: a safe, natural way to tone facial muscles and remove wrinkles. Anita's remaining challenge was to make the benefits of the envisage available with a product that was easier to use and that was more aesthetically pleasing.
After years of development and testing, the new envisage which is now being manufactured in China, is now available for customers online. To date, the clients who have bought the new envisage enjoy the feel and the experience of the product, find it easy to use, and are very pleased with their facial toning results.

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