Wasabi Yoga & Wellness

Wasabi Yoga & Wellness

9 - 5 reviews
6 Eu Tong Sen St. The Central #03-12
Singapore, Singapore, 059817, Singapore

Phone:     6224 3612  
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

To the aspiring yoga practitioner...

Our space, for your space...

You have taken your 1st step into yoga practice; it is of utmost importance to start right, right from the start...

With the emergence of Yoga studios all over the island, you must have visited at least one? How was that feeling, did it leave you with a craving for more or a bitter aftertaste?

At Wasabi, we believe in creating an environment conducive for practice; it should not be the claustrophobic experience of a sardine-packed class, nor should it feel like a military contingent, marching through mechanical movements and getting lost in 'organized confusion'.

We won't try to fool you with a superficial state of the art studio; instead, we believe in providing you quality classes of no more than 15 students, for the space you need and for the attention we give our students.

We believe in promoting a philosophy for right and healthy living, so we 'de-mystify' yoga and offer a practical approach to meet your objectives. We want to share approaches to promote your physical well being, offer 'food' for the mind and find peace within yourself. This is undoubtedly a process of self-discovery, for a change to evolve; we can only meet you half way.

In return, we encourage ALL students to embrace the quality of punctuality, and a respect of personal space. When the 'gong' strikes, it is a gentle reminder to adopt your first asana, your mental posture. Therefore before you step into the class, gather your composure, leave clear your mind, and give your handphones and PDAs a much-deserved break!

Observe your inner peace, and appreciate the 'sound' of silence. Are you ready for Practice?



貴方は今、ヨガプラクティスの道へ第一歩を踏み出しました。このスタートをどう切るか、それは最も大切なことなのです。 シンガポールというこの小さな島の中だけを見ても、今、続々とヨガスタジオが誕生しています。きっと貴方も、その中の最低一か所は訪れてみたことがあるで しょう。その時のフィーリングはどうでしたか?もっとやりたいという気持ちが湧いて来ましたか?それとも苦い後味が残ってしまいましたか?


私達は、アートスタジオを思わせるような表面的な手段で練習生の皆さんを騙すようなことは致しません。練習生が必要とするスペースを提供し、細かい所まで 注意が届くよう、1クラス15人以下の小グループ制で質の高い指導を受けていただくこと、これが私達の信ずるところです。

私達は正しく健康な生活のための哲学を信じています。それは、ヨガを‘解明’し、その人の目的に合わせて実践的アプローチを試みることです。私達は、健康 促進のためのアプローチを実践し、心に‘食糧’を与え自己の中に平和を見出すためのお手伝いをします。それは疑いもなく自己発見のプロセスであり、すなわ ち進展のための変化となります。ただし、私達にできることは、そのプロセスの半分に到達するところまでのお手伝いに過ぎません。


時間厳守、個人的体験の場であるスタジオスペースの尊重にご協力願います。‘ゴングの音’は、アサナの姿勢に入る前のメンタルポスチャー、すなわち心の準 備に入っていただくための警告音です。クラスに入ったら、気持を落ち着かせ、全てを忘れて心を無にしましょう。その時は、携帯電話にもPDAにも、十分休 んでもらいましょう。


expensive and not worth the effort
on August 29, 2013
Not sure why would i go to this while there is cheaper alternatives? Didn't get to try it after i heard the price but the service could be good.
the best
on August 26, 2013
been going there for a while now and already love it :)
fun, serious and everything in between while you get to relax your mind and body and have a work out.
Best for women
on August 14, 2013
Really not a sexist or anything but I like the fact that is only for women. Tried a couple of classes at first thought was overpriced. Checked other places in Tanjong Pagar and around the area suddenly it sounds cheap :-)
great stuff
on July 30, 2013
Not tried yet but initial contact left me with very good feeling. I read here the review from Yue Ying and am a sold.
Yoga lover
on July 25, 2013
great and so near my place. bought the package and can't wait to hit the sessions as soon as this weekend. If as good as it sounds, will bring my girlfriends over for group fun.

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