Strictly Pancakes @ Prinsep

Strictly Pancakes @ Prinsep

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44A Prinsep Street
Singapore, Singapore, 188674, Singapore

Phone:     6333 4202
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Strictly Pancakes is the result of the Pancake Pact between owners Joanne Chuah and Eunice Leow, and stems from their days spent working the service floor part-time while pursuing their undergraduate educations.
From their days behind the counter, scooping ice-cream and interacting with customers in a small yet popular ice-cream parlour, Joanne and Eunice built up excellent rapport, and a firm friendship that blossomed over time. The experiences at the parlour unearthed their previously closeted passions for providing quality service and the desire for creating great tasting food for patrons to enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. Since then, the two have always envisioned opening their own cafe, serving their favourite dish, Pancakes. Thus, the Pancake Pact was made.
So, a year into the Pancake Pact, Joanne and Eunice decided to take the plunge and realise the dream from January 2010 and have never looked back since. Countless hours in the kitchen experimenting and even more spent planning have finally come to fruition in Strictly Pancakes, where Joanne and Eunice showcase the best of their passions and talent for your enjoyment.
Do visit them at 44A Prinsep Street and partake in the story of the Pancake Pact, where your satisfaction fuels their ambition. Love now has a new shape.

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