Hero Certified Burgers @ Liberty Village

Hero Certified Burgers @ Liberty Village

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171 East Liberty Street
Toronto, ontario, M6K 3P6, Canada

Phone:     647-350-7222  
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

The Hero chain creates burgers made to order. It takes about five minutes, but it’s worth the wait to get a hot, juicy, medium-cooked burger that’s slightly pink inside and tastes of nothing but beef and smoke from the grill. The bun is fresh and eggy, topped with both sesame and poppy seeds. The Hero Signature Burger is $5.75 for a 4 oz. patty (you can also get 6 and 8 ouncers) and comes with a thin slice of real cheddar, Hero Certified Sauce (a surprisingly good, savoury Ranch-style dressing) sliced red onion, a pallid slice of tomato and minced dill pickle relish. There are plenty of options to customize the burger with toppings like smoked provolone and avocado spread. Eat in the bright, clean resto or take out in a paper sack. The fresh-cut fries taste like they came off a chip wagon: meaty, chunky and tasting of potato.

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