Divino @ Capital Square

Divino @ Capital Square

Posted by: Divino Group
9 - 7 reviews
25 Church Street #01-05-06
Singapore, Singapore, 049482, Singapore

Phone:     +65 90308184  

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Business Description

Divino @ Capital Square offers the union of neighborhood cordiality accompanied with fine wines, outstanding cuisine, spirited atmosphere, wine tastings, special events and more. With our rustic,elegant and casual atmosphere, Divino is the perfect place to congregate with friends, family or business associates.
For Delivery & Catering order online or call/sms our numbers
on June 7, 2018
Great Service and food
on June 7, 2018
[url=http://www.forskolinfuel-reviews.com/]forskolin fuel[/url]Great Service
Fast Service
on June 7, 2018
Super Fast Service
on June 7, 2018
Nice Restaurant. {rsseo 16} Divino has become our favorite place for coffee brakes and lunches - for me and my co-workers!
Great Service
on June 7, 2018
This is such a nice restaurant. http://www.forskolinfuel-reviews.com/ .Great Food and Service.
I too have heard
on May 6, 2018
I too have heard about this restaurant from my friends, but, did not have the opportunity to explore that place. We all our http://bestwritingclues.com/ blog colleagues are planning to go for dinner to this restaurant. As, our office day is coming in the next month and like every year management give dinner party on that day.
Fast service, great food
on May 17, 2014
I have just recently discovered Divino and I'm very pleased with the fast service, great food and affordable prices they are offering.

They have great selection of breakfast and lunch items at very reasonable price.

Divino has become our favorite place for coffee brakes and lunches - for me and my co-workers!

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