Dakota Tavern

Dakota Tavern

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249 Ossington Ave
Toronto, Ontario, M6J 3A1, Canada

Phone:     416-850-4579  
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

This Ossington basement saloon was one of the first spots to put the ‘hood on the map, reeling in country and southern rock crowds from the get-go. It’s become a standard music venue for those in the roots scene, and is not only one of the most photogenic bars in Toronto (all bands love to get their photo taken on Dakota’s stage), singer Serena Ryder even used a mock mural of it as the backdrop for her tour.

The Dakota Tavern has managed to pull off the old saloon look without feeling like a forced country bar. Upon venturing down the stairs, you’ll feel as if you’ve been plucked off the urban street and set down in a rural Ontario bar. And, with old barn wood, swivelling barrels for bar stools and walls of endless cottage kitsch, it’s hard to believe this place hasn’t existed for decades. Bright orange walls (from its previous life as a punk rock club) have been replaced with barn doors and salvaged wood from a farm just outside of Stratford, Ontario (a photo of the barn sits behind the bar). Records, old games and knick knacks were scrounged up from the owners’ parents’ cottage, as well as occasional donations from customers.  

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