Men Tei Japanese Noodles

Men Tei Japanese Noodles

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61 Robinson Road, Robinson Center, #01-01
Singapore, Singapore, 068893, Singapore

Phone:     6438 4140
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Business Description

Men-Tei means “noodle hut” in Japanese. Japanese-owned and situated in the heart of Robinson Road, we serve authentic ramen recipes created by ramen chefs from Osaka and Yokohama. The noodle-making and semi-automatic noodle-cooking machinery we use were manufactured and imported from Japan.

Men-Tei serves freshly-made noodles! Our noodles are made the same way Udon & Soba noodles are made traditionally in Japan. This method gives the noodles a better texture and taste. Our noodles are also free of preservatives & alkaline salts that are commonly used in noodle-making. Our noodle chef concocts and makes the dough, which is rolled repeatedly to the desired thickness before the dough is ready to be cut and rolled into balls of ramen. It takes about 1 hour to prepare 15 balls of noodles. Every ball of ramen is assured of quality & freshness!
Our signature yakibuta is fresh pork cooked and marinated in a unique recipe of top-quality spices and shoyu (soy sauces). The pork we use is hand-picked by our chef daily to ensure a perfect balance of meat and fat.

Our signature tamago (hard-boiled egg) has whites and yolks that are soft. This is achieved through a stringent cooking process monitored by our head chef. All our eggs are hand-picked after they are marinated and only the best ones are served.

The oil that goes on top of the ramen is a careful concoction of leek, garlic, dried shrimp and pork oils freshly-made by our chefs. Each of our six ramen is prepared with its own unique combination of oils.

The “white soup” used in our Tonkotsu and Miso Ramen requires us to boil pork backbone and thigh bones separately for many hours until the bone marrow emulsifies, giving the soup its whitish colour. These two soups are then blended. In order to ensure consistency in every pot of pork broth we prepare, a scientific apparatus called a Refractometer is used to measure the density of the broth. The fish and chicken broths used in the “clear soup” used in our Shio and Shoyu Ramen are also cooked separately and then blended when they reach their respective desired densities. A special blend of bonito (dried fish flakes) is then added to enhance the taste and aroma.

The secret soup bases (known as Mo-to-da-re in Japanese) in each of our ramen are made using the best ingredients from Japan. These are closely guarded recipes from different part of Japan.

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