Barchef Toronto

Barchef Toronto

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472 Queen St W
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2B2, Canada

Phone:     416-868-4800

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Business Description

To connoisseurs the craft cocktail, a drink is far more than a buzz in a glass. It's a complete sensory experience, not unlike a gourmet meal mixed with a Swedish massage. “We’re looking at composing these (drinks) based on everything from viscosity to mouth feel all the way to flavor profile,” says Frankie Solarik, co-owner and chief mixologist of Toronto's BarChef, which has been at the vanguard of the craft cocktail movement since opening in December of 2008.

Craft cocktails are based on a simple idea with complex execution: using individual flair and personality to turn an after-work drink into a work of art. “People want that personal experience,” explains Solarik. “Rather than spending $50 on bottle of Grey Goose, they’re going to spend $50 on a bottle of vodka that’s (made) by a smaller producer... because they feel there’s a personal attention to detail.”

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