Fat Tuesday - Miami South Beach

Fat Tuesday - Miami South Beach

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918 Ocean Drive
Miami, Florida, 33139, USA

Phone:     (305) 534-1328  
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Fat Tuesday, a chain well known for its ridiculously strong slushie style drinks, has become Miami’s biggest Frat Party. Attracting everyone from college partiers to tourists to an eager after work crowd, Fat Tuesday boasts strong drinks, loud music, and great people-watching. Eat before you come, make sure to have a designated driver, and prepare yourself to indulge in some of Miami’s most alcoholic, yet always delicious frozen drinks! You won't want to miss the Fat Tuesday and New Orleans Original Daiquiris experience.
The frozen, slushy, alcoholic drinks at Fat Tuesday range from sweet daiquiris to White Russians, Long Islands to Jungle Juice and many, many more. The drinks are strong so be prepared to find a ride home!
The atmosphere at Fat Tuesday is party hearty, frat-tastic, and out of control. Fat Tuesday’s décor is reminiscent of a tiki bar, but bigger and better. A dozen or so slushie machines sit behind the bar, waiting to be tapped into by eager South Beach partiers. Most of the bar is open-air, perfect for Ocean Drive people-watching and that unbeatable South Florida weather.

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