Singapore Recreation Club

Singapore Recreation Club

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B Connaught Drive
Singapore, Singapore, 179682, Singapore

Phone:     6338 9367       |   Fax:     6339 6563
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

SRC is Singapore's third-oldest social club, located at the Padang. Founded in 1883 by Eurasian men, the Club today has 5,500 principal members and managed by a Management Committee.
In 1884, a pavilion was erected on the site of the Padang allocated to the Club. Two years later, the Club adopted navy blue and red as its corporate colours: navy blue for sportsmanship and red for the brotherhood of man in sports.
By 1904, with increasing membership, construction of a Clubhouse commenced, with the foundation stone laid by President Mr Edwin Tessensohn. The Clubhouse was formally opened on 2 September 1905, the Governor of Singapore, Sir John Anderson. The addition of two wings was completed in 1931 and declared open by President Dr Noel Clarke.

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