Morning Star Community Services - Primavera

Morning Star Community Services - Primavera

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Blk 95, #01-1415 Bedok North Ave 4
Singapore, Singapore, 460095, Singapore

Phone:     6285 1377
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

Morning Star Community Services was formed in 1999 as a community service project to enrich and strengthen family relationships. We were registered as an independent non-profit, voluntary welfare organization in 2002 and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in 2003 and serves people of all races and religions.At Morning Star, we don't believe that we are meant to be merely survivors of life but victors in our own right. We believe that life is a gift meant to be lived fully; that despite life's many challenges, we can exercise the power of informed choice for ourselves and for our relationships. No matter at what stage of life, we deserve to be treated with dignity by others and by ourselves. We can reseal our dreams of having meaningful relationships and leading significant lives through practical ways.

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