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Mind Edge Pte Ltd

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10 Eunos Road 8
Singapore, Singapore, 408600, Singapore

Phone:     6345 1618       |   Fax:     6841 7122
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Having conducted FUNtastic Achievers and Parenting workshops in Singapore since 2003, Mind Edge Pte Ltd is the market leader in training boys and girls using the Expert Memory System, Humour Intelligence and Gender Science. Using proprietary Mind Edge techniques developed by our chief trainer, Mr Alan Yip and our partners, we have been honoured to host the following events in the past few years
Singapore Memory Championship™ (2005)
Singapore Inter-School Memory Challenge (2010)
FUNtastic® Family Congress (2010)
Mind Edge Inter-School Memory Challenge™ (2010-2011)
PSLE boot camp (2012)
Gender Intelligence Symposium (2013)

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