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165 Sims Avenue #04-01
Singapore, Singapore, 387606, Singapore

Phone:     6453 9293       |   Fax:     6547 8843
Non-Smoking Environment

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Founded in March 1974, Harvester Community Church (formerly known as Harvester Assembly of God) has seen the Lord’s leading over the years and the church has grown from glory to glory. Due to its involvement with the community, the church has adopted the new name, Harvester Community Church, since July 2010.
Harvester is also very active in overseas missions. Numerous churches, bible schools and mission bases have been planted that span the entire Asian region since the inaugural church planting work in the Philippines in 1986. The church has brought the love of God to countries such as the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Malaysia. The faithful hand of God has led the church planting works from strength to strength and the faithfulness of God will continue to lead the church into the new season!

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