Singapore Brain Development Centre (Choa Chu Kang West)

Singapore Brain Development Centre (Choa Chu Kang West)

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1 Tampines Central 5 #03-16
Singapore, Singapore, 529508, Singapore

Phone:     6288 4123       |   Fax:     6784 4123
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Singapore Brain Development Centre (SBDC) is the premier provider of holistic training programs for full cognitive development of the brain.
Together with our mission statement of "Changing Lives, Unleashing The Fullest Potential", our core belief is that every child can excel to their fullest given the right tools and skills.
This is why we offer the latest scientific brain-training programs for enhancing cognitive skills - underlying learning and processing capabilities - to make learning easier and faster. We help children build underlying learning skills and give them better tools to help them function far more effectively at school, at work and at play.
Singapore Brain Development Center also works closely with our U.S principals, to regularly revise and update our cognitive training technologies to offer the latest in cognitive development to our children.

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