En Community Services Society

En Community Services Society

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4 Changi South Lane,#02-02 Nan Wah Building
Singapore, Singapore, 486127, Singapore

Phone:     67886625       |   Fax:     67886642
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

(EN) Empowering families and Nurturing Individuals

Engage, Enable and Enrich Every Individual for the Community.
Believing in the power of transformation, ECSS endeavors to change individuals in the community through group work, counselling, outdoor activities, camps, parent-child bonding, character building, mentoring and many others.
In our humble years of existence, we have seen growth in the people we work with, be it children, youth or adults. Our preventive and at times remedial work with them allows them opportunities to develop into responsible ladies and gentlemen who would in turn begin to make their own contribution to the social services.
This is where our Mission comes in.
We Touch lives in need, to Train them to fish for themselves and Transform them so that they themselves can begin to touch others.
This is a long, tiring, often demoralizing cycle we bring ourselves and our clients through. Yet the joy of having our rewards harvested often surpasses the process of sowing

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