Coalition Against Bullying For Children And Youth

Coalition Against Bullying For Children And Youth

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Blk 443, Sin Ming Avenue, #01-443
Singapore, Singapore, 570443, Singapore

Phone:     6452 6796       |   Fax:     6452 6795
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

CABCY is a voluntary society set up to help children, youth and adults recognize the different forms of bullying, its effects on the targets of bullying and what can be done to help reduce or prevent bullying. CABCY exists to be a resource for children, youth, parents, teachers, child workers, social workers, counselors and other people who work with children and youths to obtain help and advice on issues concerning bullying.

CABCY advocates for:

Increased bullying awareness in Singapore
Evidence-based bullying prevention programmes
Holistic intervention services that help children deal with bullying issues
Youth’s rights to be in bully-free environments & to air their opinions about bullying issues
Organizational policies to deal with bullying behavior

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