Chuck E. Cheese's - Dixie Hwy. Miami

Chuck E. Cheese's - Dixie Hwy. Miami

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18575 S. Dixie Hwy
Miami, Florida, 33157, USA

Phone:     305-256-3886
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Chuck E. Cheese's features games, rides, prizes, food and entertainment that children of all ages from toddlers to big kids will love.We are a great place to take the kids for everyday fun or for special occasions such as birthdays, play groups and school fundraising events.We believe that today, more than ever, kids need a safe, wholesome environment in which they can laugh, play and simply enjoy being kids. Our mission is simple, bring families together in a wholesome environment for fun, games and kids. Chuck E. Cheese's consists of over 550 entertainment centers in 48 states and 7 countries.

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