Bibinogs Play Learning Centre (Serene Centre)

Bibinogs Play Learning Centre (Serene Centre)

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10 Jalan Serene, Serene Centre #02-08
Singapore, Singapore, 298748, Singapore

Phone:     6466 8015
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

Bibinogs is founded from a Mother’s inspiration from her children and her conviction as an Educator that the best way to teach children is to first tap into their innate intelligences.
Founder and Director of Bibinogs, Desiree Ng-Chen, M.Ed. (Monash, Australia) believes that every child learns
through different ways. Inspired by Dr. Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory (Harvard Graduate School
of Education), she developed a unique curriculum, Intelligences@Play™ and founded Bibinogs in 2007 based on this philosophy.
“My daughter is musically inclined. I find that when I teach her through sing-spelling, it is much more effective than when I teach her by rote”, shared Desiree.
During each of the Intelligences@Play™ class, we adopt multiple approaches to each topic or theme, whereby children are presented with materials and programs of numerous varieties, so that each child gets sufficiently stimulated throughout the learning process via their respective innate intelligences.

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