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Willow Nursery

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26A Toh Tuck Road
Singapore, Singapore, 596697, Singapore

Phone:     9027 1722  
Contact:   9027 1722
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

Willow Nursery is a play-based English speaking programme run by expatriate teachers. The nursery was established in January 1992.
We work hard to make sure that our school is a loving extension of your home. Parents can leave their children with confidence knowing they are in a happy, loving and safe environment.
We aim to provide an affordable alternative in early childhood education for expatriate children. Our focus is on the individual learner. Using a play-based approach, our students become independent thinkers. We believe that a child’s education is built on a partnership between students, parents and teachers. We value mutual respect and these partnerships reflect that.
We realize how precious your child is to you and we understand it can be very stressful to leave your child, for what may be the first time.
All lead teachers have appropriate, recognized childcare qualifications and experience. Planning meetings are scheduled regularly, key experiences are discussed and a full activity programme produced for the month ahead.
Outdoor play is an integral part of the children’s day. We have an enclosed play area which is completely fenced in and there is safety surfacing in place. There is a separate room for indoor physical play activities. We aim to go outside at least once everyday and only extreme weather will keep us indoors.

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