Singapore Ballet Academy

Singapore Ballet Academy

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51 Waterloo Street #04-01/02/03
Singapore, Singapore, 187969, Singapore

Phone:     63379125       |   Fax:     63379125
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

The Singapore Ballet Academy (SBA) was founded on the ideals of creating awareness of ballet being a beautiful art form and providing training to the highest standard as well as platform for stage performances. Established in 1958 by Frances Poh, Vernon Martinus and Soonee Goh, SBA emerged from the merger of the Frances School of Dancing and the Malaya School of Ballet, then two well-known ballet schools in Singapore. During its formative years, SBA students and its plethora of diverse programmes entertained audiences in Singapore and then Federation of Malaya. The Academy rapidly flourished under the dynamic direction of the three dedicated personalities and over the years, played a significant role in raising the profile of dance in the Singapore arts scene and in nurturing many talented dancers. The leadership of SBA was left in the capable hands of Soonee Goh when Frances Poh and Vernon Martinus left Singapore in 1965.

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