SIM Global Education

SIM Global Education

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461 Clementi Road
Singapore, Singapore, 599491, Singapore

Phone:     62489746       |   Fax:     64629411
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Study, engage with students across the globe

SIM Global Education brings together a diverse range of academic study programmes from top universities in Britain, the United States,  Australia and Europe.

From Diploma to Bachelor and Master, there will be a programme to suit your personal preference, professional need and career requirement.

The lush and sprawling SIM campus at Clementi Road has a global ambiance, with local students interacting with students of other interesting cultures and background. Besides academic pursuits, students can join extra-curricular programmes in sports, social and cultural activities.

Recent student activities include winning several dragon boat tournaments and the Salsa dance performance, and full-house musical dramas.

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