Ripples Montessori

Ripples Montessori

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No.75, Lucky Heights (Lucky Court)
Singapore, Singapore, 467625, Singapore

Phone:     64422335
Non-Smoking Environment
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Business Description

We are a boutique pre-school focused on quality early childhood education and character building.
We have a low teacher to students ratio.
Our nurturing teachers are fully qualified.
We have been established for 10 years with majority of student enrollment via referrals of parents of past and existing students.
We adopt the proven Montessori approach to early childhood education. Children are born naturally curious and active, we respect their freedom and need to explore. We adjust for each child’s individual learning differences. We provide options rather than expect each child to carry out the same activity with other children at the same time.
We want our children to be confident, independent and caring individual. At Ripples, children are encouraged to share their views, present their ideas and engage in group discussions. This helps young children develop into socially well-adjusted individuals who communicate well with their peers.

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