Boston Business School

Boston Business School

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520 North Bridge Road #03–01
singapore, singapore, 188742, Singapore

Phone:     6238-7638       |   Fax:     6238-8178
Non-Smoking Environment

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Welcome to Boston Business School and to the start of an exciting and enriching learning journey.
Whether you are preparing to start a career or to further your education after Boston Business School, you will feel inspired and challenged while studying here with us.
During your study, you will learn new skills as well as make new friends. You will meet committed and caring staff and lecturers who will go the extra mile to mentor and guide you. Our facilities are new and have been designed to create a conducive study environment.
We hope you will enjoy your time at Boston Business School. Many have done so before you and have gone onto an exciting and rewarding career. We hope you will also succeed in your learning journey with us.

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