Admiralty Secondary School (ADSS)

Admiralty Secondary School (ADSS)

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31, Woodlands Crescent (737916), Woodlands
Singapore, Singapore, 737916, Singapore

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Non-Smoking Environment

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Admiralty Secondary School had its beginnings in 2002 when it shared premises with Evergreen Secondary School. Under the pioneer Principal, Mrs Lim Ai Poo, the school moved to its present location at 31, Woodlands Crescent in December 2002. The school welcomed its second Principal, Mdm Jessie Koh, in December 2007.

The school today sits on 2.4 ha plot of land with facilities that provide our students with a spacious, modern, well-maintained and conducive learning environment. There are 7 blocks to the school building. These physical resources include the

Teaching and Learning Blocks with 36 classrooms,
Special Rooms comprising a Heritage room, 6 Science Laboratories, 2 D&T Studios, 2 Food Laboratories, 4 Information Technology (IT) Laboratories, 2 IT Resource rooms, a Media Resource Library, an AVA Room and 2 Art Rooms.

Admiralty Secondary School has garnered numerous accolades in its short history. In 2006, the school was awarded the Niche status for Robotics Enterprise (RE) and was awarded the Direct School Admission (DSA) status, which allows the school to admit 5% of the secondary one cohort through direct admission. A framework for RE has been implemented and our RE Club continues to be a formidable challenge at competitions.

The school has attained awards in the following areas:

Green Audit Award (Sustained Achievement Award)
People Developer Standard
Sustained Achievement Award (Aesthetics) 2010, 2012
Sustained Achievement Award (Uniformed Groups) 2009-2012
Academic Value-Added for Express Academic Course: Silver (2009)
Academic Value-Added for Normal Academic Course: Bronze (2010)
HPB-MOE CHERISH Award: Silver (2010-2011)
Sustained Achievement Award (Recycling Outreach Programme)
Healthy Eating in Schools Award (2010-2012)
3R (Recycle) Silver Award 2012

The above and numerous other awards would not have been possible without our team of dedicated staff, and our supportive stakeholders and partners. Together, we will continue our efforts to bring out the best in each child so that each will be

"A Guiding LIGHT that Shines."

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