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Blk 85B Toa Payoh Lor 4, #01-336
Singapore, Singapore, 312085, Singapore

Phone:     62584558
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Jessin offers children the environment that nurtures their natural curiosity and love of learning to further expand their perceptions of the world.  It is a one-stop education service that grooms the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Moral development of the children.
Learning is encouraged through active involvement mainly:
Problem Solving
Children explore and experiment with their classroom environment through teacher and child initiated activities and purposeful play. Our program provides concrete, hands-on experiences with a variety of resources to help build a solid foundation for abstract thinking in a safe and secure environment. The goal of our program is to provide learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate to meet the diverse needs of children and promote a positive attitude to lifelong learning.
Our Mission
Learn with Love and Laughter
Our Philosophy
At Jessin Kindergarten, we believe that:
Every child is unique, with his or her own interests, learning style, growth timetable, and culture.
All children are curious and eager to learn.
Children learn through acquiring knowledge and information from adults and from observing what is happening around them, through practicing skills of various kinds, through feelings and certain habits of mind and from being with others who exhibit these dispositions.  Our teachers in Jessin are committed to supporting each child in his/her early childhood development.
Our Kindergarten is a rich and creative environment where children have the time and space to play, learn and thrive.
The Environment will:
Be safe, accessible and creative
Be challenging and evolving
Be welcoming
Our Logo
Jessin Logo
The logo, shaped like 2 masks, represents an adult and a child. It signifies the love and care our staff show for each and every child in our school. The embracement of the two “masks” symbolises the closely-knitted bond we have with all the children in our school.
Our Partnership with Parents
Success never comes from just one's individual efforts. Parents play a very important role in teaching, encouraging, supporting and facilitating the growth and development of our children. Open communication is strongly encouraged in Jessin as this allows teachers and parents to work hand-in-hand to create the bond between home and school for children. When parents and schools work together, children do better in school, and schools improve.
Each child that studies at Jessin Kindergarten will receive a Communication Book for his/her parents and teachers to communicate with each other. It is used to relay messages, ask questions and give feedback. This book is brought to and from school and home on a daily basis, so both parents and teachers need to check it daily and reply as soon as possible.
Other avenues for information dissemination, feedback and open dialogue about your child’s education are also provided; they include:
The Communication Book - Daily
Event Updates – Occasionally
Memos / Notes - Occasionally
Parent-Teacher Conferences - June
At Jessin, parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s learning adventures with us. Parents can then share in their child’s learning experiences and reinforce what their child has learnt in school.

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