Japanese Kindergarten Singapore Pte Ltd

Japanese Kindergarten Singapore Pte Ltd

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251 West Coast Road
Singapore, Singapore, 127390, Singapore

Phone:     6779 3434       |   Fax:     6777 1830
Non-Smoking Environment
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We are the first and largest private Japanese Kindergarten in Singapore. We have been established since April 1989, and is registered with the Ministry of Education.Our kindergarten is located along West Coast Road and is next to the Japanese Secondary School.
The kindergarten is set up based on the Japanese system and serves Japanese children between two and a half to five years of age.
We have a big field, a tropical garden where we grow flowers and fruits such as bananas, mangoes etc. Our children enjoy the bananas from the garden.
We also have an outdoor playground with three sand pits, a big swimming pool and a train with about 110 metres of railway track imported from Japan and assembled in Singapore. The Train is the most popular attraction among our kindergarten children.
During outdoor games and exercise, the children enjoy very much the swimming pool and riding on the train.
We also have a 2-storey hall for our activities in the school year. Our children like to play in the hall with mattresses, on the iron bar, in the jumping box, the mini trampoline, the tricycles, with giant blocks etc. They can also play in the air conditioned room when it is hot.

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Land area : 10,576 square meters (about 3,205 square meters)
Building floor area : 3,362 square meters (about 1,020 square meters)
Garden opening : April 16 1989
Class composition : Play group, quasi-juvenile, juvenile, year, senior
Childcare time : (With lunch, tea) 9:00 to 15:00 Monday to Friday
Childcare time deposits : 15:00 to 16:00 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Teacher : Qualified personnel by the Ministry of Education Teachers License Act

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