HMI Institute of Health Sciences

HMI Institute of Health Sciences

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167 Jalan Bukit Merah Connection One, Tower 5 #05-10
Singapore, Singapore, 150167, Singapore

Phone:     6370 7102
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

HMI Institute of Health Sciences (HMI-IHS) is the largest private provider of healthcare training and education in Singapore. The Institute is a Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) accredited Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centre. To date, HMI-IHS has trained more than 2,500 graduates for the Singapore healthcare industry.

HMI-IHS comprises 4 schools:
School of Healthcare Vocational Training
School of Nursing Education
School of Healthcare Management
Emergency Life Support Training Centre

Through these 4 schools, HMI-IHS provides a continuum of training courses to cater to the various needs of the healthcare industry. This ranges from Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) courses for healthcare support workers; nursing courses for foreign-registered nurses; management programmes and seminars for healthcare leaders; as well as short courses in emergency life support for people from all walks of life.

HMI-IHS’ primary objective of nurturing students is to enhance learning outcomes. As such, it places emphasis on adopting a variety of teaching methodology. This includes knowledge acquisition through theory classes, competency-building through experiential learning, as well as on-the-job learning. As a result, HMI-IHS students are well-equipped with the ideal balance of theoretical and practical skills, making them valuable assets to their employers.

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