Harvest Care Centre

Harvest Care Centre

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165 Sims Avenue #04-02
Singapore, Singapore, 387606, Singapore

Phone:     6494 2780       |   Fax:     6547 8843
Non-Smoking Environment

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Business Description

Harvest Care Centre is a non-profit organization officially registered with the Registry of Societies since 18 March 2005. Facing the growing needs of youth, families and the elderly in our society, we want to play our part in actively reaching out to these various needs. Therefore, we dedicate ourselves to transforming communities by meeting the needs of individuals and the families of all races and religions.
Since our establishment, Harvest Care Centre has launched several initiatives in fulfillment of our mission. These initiatives range from our “Love Our Community” projects to care for the needy, to starting tuition and enrichment programmes to meet our community’s educational needs. In 2008, we organized ROMP!, an annual sports cum carnival event for youths and formed WAD! Club, the official youth programme of Harvest Care Centre. 2009 saw the setting up of SPARKS Student Care Centre to nurture and develop the children of our nation.
Looking ahead, Harvest Care Centre is committed to establishing a myriad of services to meet the various needs in both local and overseas communities. We are currently in the planning phase of providing these community services in IndoChina.

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